Castlemaine and Nearby

Unfortunately a broken rail was the urgent job for today. Although on a bridge it was a very clean break and still very well supported and held to gauge, so we were able to crawl our works train (delivering the replacement rail) over.

In no time at all the replacement section had been installed and fastened down. Hopefully very very soon we’ll get stuck into re-railing which will greatly lower the chance of this event occurring, it’s a symptom of the old 60lb reaching the end of its useful life.

Once we got through to Castlemaine, our works train with rails for the loco shed were dropped off and the final touches were placed on the new turnout.

We even thought about installing the point lever… but that’s about as far as we got with that.

Thursday and Friday we’ll be at Castlemaine again, getting track built in the loco shed. A detailed turnout inspection on Monday also revealed a few little jobs to tend to around Castlemaine so we’ll try knock them over too. Meeting at Maldon 7.30am or Castlemaine from 8.15am.

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