Castlemaine Yard

Another busy day at Castlemaine, with more works on the turnout and turntable approach track.

We began with some housekeeping of items stored perfectly in the wrong spot.

Before long it was out with the remainder of the old track and tidying up of the roadbed.

Instead of using the 2 closure rails to make the curved lead we replaced it with a single length of welded rail, mainly because the 2 separate rails were a bit short, possibly a mix up of rails during one of the many moves they’ve had or we’ve made a slight error in the setout phase, either way everything else fits perfectly, so we’re not too worried.

Once in place the off sets from the straight stock rail were marked up and the curve jacked into the correct position.

We’re very happy with how the curve turned out, it’s always a sign of a nice turnout, when everything looks even and uniform.

While fastening down of both curved legs was happening, sleepers and rails were placed very roughly in position towards the turntable.

Rolf will be on hand tomorrow with the survey gear to make sure we get a good curve from the turnout up to the table.

We’re very happy with the progress so far, hopefully tomorrow will see us connected up to the turntable once again, however the weather may have other ideas.

Meeting Castlemaine Yard from 8am tomorrow.

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