Castlemaine Yard

About the only time we saw the sun today was first up, quite welcome during the morning chill.

Today saw us start the rebuild of the Turntable road inside the compound gates. As per the rest of the road it’ll be fully concrete sleepered and filled to rail height to all for the roadway.

First job today was converting old 6 hole 80lb fish plates into 4 hole plates (as 6 holers are too long to work with concrete sleepers at joints).

Once we’d finished the ground work, it was onto laying track.

We’re using up the most awkward of the full profile concrete sleepers around the yard, saving the newer style sleepers for the mainline.

While the track was being assembled, Rolf was busily setting out the location of the new turnout. Hopefully we’ll make a start on that tomorrow. It might look like it’s all heading in strange directions, but trust us, it’ll work out eventually.

Tomorrow, we’ll be meeting here from 8.30am.

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