We had a successful day today, with the east side timbers on the pit grouted into place and fixed down. Unfortunately we forgot to get a finished shot, but it looks much like it did last week, only tidier.

In the afternoon, as we didn’t wish to disturb the grout while it was setting, we moved out to begin work on the 2nd track to the turntable. We’ll slowly poke away at this over the coming weeks between other jobs, until we reach the inspection pit.

We’re not far off needing to build the next turnout at Castlemaine, so yesterday, a start has been made by sorting and loading a turnout’s worth of timbers onto a wagon at Maldon, ready for transport down to Castlemaine.

Between showers yesterday, while the sidings were empty, the chance was taken to flail mow the rather tall weeds over in 3 and 4 roads! Greatly improved.

Thursday we’ll be back at Castlemaine, playing with the pit timbers once again. Meeting Maldon 7.30 or Castlemaine from 8am.

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