Rowe Street

Another 37 concrete sleepers were installed today around Rowe St.

Except for the sleepers under the insulated joints, which we’ll do when the lights are disabled in case we damage the wires, we’ve achieved 1 in 2 concrete sleepers over the length we’ve been working on.

It’s been a few years since we’ve replaced many sleepers here, so this process is ensuring we’re catching any failing timber in time, while giving us a long lasting secure section of track.

This makes a good before shot, prior to the crossing rebuild. The road surface is starting to break up badly, a sign things below are probably going the same way.

The following are some general pics showing the works.

These works, although not tamped and tidied as yet, do now take us to having concrete sleepers at least 1 in 3 (generally better) all the way from Castlemaine Yard to just past Rowe St, a significant portion of track.

Tomorrow we’ll be back here finishing off so that trains can run on Saturday, depending on numbers we may even install a few more concretes to get us up to 1 in 1 near the crossing, otherwise we’ll head around the corner and use the big digger to line some of the ugly sections further into the curve.

Meeting Rowe St. crossing from 8.30am.

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