Another extremely successful day, with around 90% of construction now complete on the new turnout.

A lot of time was spent getting the curve lead into a nice shape and we’re pretty proud of our efforts.

It’s starting to look the part! It won’t take very much work now to join the approach roads back up, but we will need to bring in a couple of short 94lb rails to avoid having a junction back to 80lb right off the V crossing.

As is always the case in Castlemaine yard, whenever you change something, something else needs modifying! Thankfully a relatively simple fix. The rodding that operates No. 28 points now lines up perfectly with a point timber!

But a nice simple joggle and modifying the old rodding lengths soon fixed the problem. This was finished just in time for the announcement of the Covid Lockdown, meaning it won’t be needed on Sunday now! But it had to be done so not wasted time.

Interestingly… Or maybe luckily mid way through adjusting that point rodding a snake was noted coming from the station area and making an obvious journey towards the creek… Right along the path of the rodding being worked.

Instead of startling/annoying the medium sized brown, we just stayed still and let him wander through the site and peacefully into the creek, it didn’t show any interest in us at all.

But it was obviously very happy with our work, as it didn’t see any need for further inspection of the worksite.

We rarely see snakes, but here’s the place if we do. They are generally very calm and almost curious, but they can get a little cranky when surprised. Just another interesting thing to enjoy out on the track gang.

Looking pretty good we reckon. Of course once it’s connected in, ballasted and tamped, it’ll look like just another turnout in the yard.

Today’s announcement of Covid Restrictions will effect the planned works on Tuesday next week, so we’ll cancel that day, however all being well Thursday and Friday we’ll be back here finishing off! Keep an eye out here for any updates re workdays.

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