Rail Drop out

A really bad photo but if you squint hard enough you can just see that we now have rails both sides of Sawmill Rd, closing the gap.

We’ve managed to get all the way from Muckleford to (and including) Sawmill Rd with 94lb, with 80lb from there to near Midland Hwy. It’s a lot of rail and except for the last few hundred metres near Muckleford it’s all dropped out ready to go in (it’s nearby in Muckleford Yard).

We’ve even ended up with a reasonable stock of 80lb in 40m lengths, we’ll have roughly 25 to stockpile for future projects such as Muckleford Creek Bridge, Castlemaine Platform Road and new works at Castlemaine.

Tomorrow is all set to be a good day. We’ll all meet at Maldon at 8am, where we’ll break off into two groups, one doing a detailed track inspection from Maldon to Muckleford, the other heading to the junction to load up the last of the small stuff, drums of anchors, bolts etc etc… We’ll then all meet at Maldon at 1pm for the last official rail train (we’ll put a carriage on of course!).

If you would like to head straight to Maldon Junction, feel free, we’ll be meeting there from 8.30am (ish).

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