Rail Trains

Two very full rail trains were run today, each 94lb, essentially clearing the stockpiles of long 94lb at the junction. The end result is that if you stand at the end of the 94lb dropped out you can see the end of the 80lb dropped out! With Sawmill Rd about in the middle.

There’s still about 400m of rail to drop out next week to complete this, then it’ll be onto running rail trains to clear the excess rail stockpiled at the junction, mainly shorter lengths of 94lb.

There’s a lot of rail and we’re glad this part of the project has happened in the blink of an eye in comparison to dragging everything through from Guildford.

The gang made good use of the time today, getting a head start on the next phase of the project, drilling the cut ends of the rail ready for fishplates when it’s time to install the rail.

A lot more sleepers have been lifted also, with only a lot to go!

Next week we’ll have another two (hopefully) rail trains on Monday which should see the discharge complete, then we’ll stockpile the remainder, which won’t be all that much in reality. Meeting at Maldon Junction from 8am on Monday.

One thought on “Rail Trains

  1. Will, John and crew.
    Great job guys. Hope to see you in 2021 to help bolt all that good rail down. Best regards Tony Llewelyn


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