Rail Recovery

Jumping Stephen Street in Campbell’s Creek was today’s task.

Approximately 40 rails were dragged over ski jump mark 3 (not as good as mark 2 but still alright) and down to Moscript Street.

The gang also worked once again to remove more anchors, achieving an incredible effort with almost all anchors now removed south of Stephen St.

Moscript Street, which is just around the corner in the above pic, is the final crossing before we the junction, so we’re really getting a feeling of making progress now.

Tomorrow will be a day of rail towing in preparation for Thursday, where we’ll tow as much as we can across Fryers Rd towards Stephen St. Hopefully by Friday we’ll be back into sledding.

One thought on “Rail Recovery

  1. Great effort guys, am watching all the work via Wills posts , wish we could be there to help, anything but this lockdown. Hopefully he might let us out on parole soon !!! Take care everyone and stay safe.


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