We did it

Today was very successful, it was pretty full on and long but we’ve got plenty to show for it.

We began by hanging the last doors on the loco shed, and for some reason we brought all of our toys up along the new track to the shed, just because we could.

All the doors are now hung, a big step in the project. This shot also shows just how nicely the track has come up.

And as promised… A headlight from within the shed.

We did it! It’s not the biggest project we’ve undertaken, but has certainly taken a lot of effort and has all been crammed into a very short space of time. Congratulations to everyone who has helped us along the way.

The centre door is almost fully complete. Its fancy top latches and bottom bolts have been installed, at this stage we’ve just install temporary tubing into the ground to take the bolts as it’s likely all that will end up as concrete in the near future.

The latches and bolts work perfectly and should prove much less hassle than the latches on the carriage shed doors.

And the rail bollards for these doors have been installed also, just some catch chains need fitting for keeping them open.

The day also involved loading all the stacked rail and palletised fastenings onto the wagons, so the whole site is looking very tidy and it’s beginning to look like a usable depot.

Anther extremely successful week and hopefully plenty more of those to come as from Monday, we’re back into Rail Recovery.

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