V/Line shutdown preparations

Today was spent preparing for the upcoming V/Line shutdown. We’ve moved in most of the materials and begun undertaking whatever preliminary tasks we could to help speed up next week.

All the materials have been stored at Castlemaine, so a few shuttle runs out to Rowe street saw things placed ready for next week.

We’ve lifted any screws and spikes that we could, that didn’t involve us getting in the danger zone of the operating V/Line trains, anything will be a massive time saving for next week.

We’ve even changed a few fishplates from angle plates to bar plates, as angle plates can’t be used in conjunction with concrete sleepers.

The program for next week will involve workdays from Monday 29th June through to and including Sunday 5th July. We’ll be working from Rowe Street Monday through till Wednesday, starting around 8am at Rowe Street crossing. We expect from Thursday till Sunday we’ll be down nearer Castlemaine Station. Any help would be greatly appreciated, if you are available and would like to help out, please let Will know via ganger@vgr.com.au so we can fill you in on what you’ll need to bring along.

Tomorrow’s workday will start at the big red shed in Castlemaine around 8am.

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