Carriage Shed

Today was again very successful, with it being a day of clipping up and preparing for ballasting.

A frosty rather freezing start did turn into a rather stunning day thankfully.

We began by tweaking the positioning of the concrete sleepers ready for clipping up.

A very small tweak to the curve made it look quite stylish (a bit strange still with it’s steep grade but much better)

We’ve even replaced any failed timber in 3 siding, allowing us to undertake the required tamping works needed to lessen the grade into the shed.

As we ran into the same fishplate problem that we always do when using concrete sleepers, we decided it was wasteful to use all of our good bar plates in the yard, so we’ve modified some of the old 80lb plates from 6 holes into 4 holes, by cutting off the end. Perfectly adequate for our needs here.

We even finished installing any missing bolts in 4 siding, as we expect it’s traffic will increase with the move to Castlemaine.

We also knocked together 5 siding inside the shed, in what seemed like no time at all! We’re getting the hang of it now… Just in time to finish the job.

We’ll begin installing 4 siding outside the shed tomorrow, and will hopefully begin a ballast drop on 3 siding, ready to begin tamping. Meeting Castlemaine from 8am.

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