Timber Sleepers

The last couple of days has seen 142 timber sleepers renewed (almost) on the approach to Maldon.

We still need to actually fasten them up, tamp and tidy up etc… But this week’s work gangs should see this rather long running project come to an end.

We have also replaced 8 point timbers in the 2/3 road turnout at Maldon.

A mixture of new and second hand timber was used, just enough to ensure it’ll hold together for a few more years until we can consider an upgrade.

Still to tamp and tidy up but otherwise complete.

We even a very long lesson from John on how to secure the padlock on the container first time with ease… Unfortunately a little perform anxiety crept in with the gang watching, by chance the speed board you can see behind him pretty well aligned to the number of minutes he spent on the task.

We’ll be into it again tomorrow, meeting at Maldon 8am or near Woodlocks Ln crossing shortly after.

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