Castlemaine yard

On what was probably the first properly frosty morning of the year, Castlemaine yard was a buzz with activity.

The deep sewer works required some heavy duty equipment, these works are now almost complete.

The shed extension area had a bobcat and truck running around levelling the site and adding some rock to the muddy bits to harden it up ready to build the shed.

But more importantly we were on site finishing off our track work. Lots of jacking and tamping works, getting a nice uniform level and top to the trackwork.

The gang hard at work, all maintaining excellent social distance.

The finished result does look amazingly snazzy… Just a pity all our hard work will end up buried! But it should last for a very very long time, which was the whole objective.

After lunch we’d completed our portion of the required works in Castlemaine, so we all ventured back out to our current work site on tangent 7-8, where we installed a further 60 concrete sleepers, completing this tangent. All but the last 10 or so have been clipped up.

Tomorrow will be back here, working on into curve 7 towards the Pyrenees Hwy Bridge. Meeting Maldon 8am or near the Brown St. Pedestrian Crossing from 8.30am.

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