Crossing Renewal

We decided we needed to practise our level crossing renewal technique, so we got stuck into Boundary Track Crossing.

It’s a very quiet road crossing, we’ve only seen 1 car cross it in the past two weeks!

We simply excavated the crossing, removed the old timber, jacked the track to take the concrete sleepers and slid them under.

We’ve gone for 100% concrete so apart from changing rail, it should be many many years before we need to expose it again.

As we’ve lifted the track either side by 50mm we needed to achieved a similar lift through the crossing. We achieved this the old fashioned way with jacks, by eye and with a level.

Thankfully when the crossing was laid it was put down on a bed of crushed rock and as we didn’t disturb the roadbed at all it should remain a very stable and solid piece of track.

The finished roadway, it is actually 99% the old ballast and crushed rock with a skim of gravel (stockpiled nearby from the original relay some 18 years ago) over the top to offer a smooth path for all the cyclists and pedestrians who use the crossing regularly. We had John run the gang truck back and fourth to compact the surface which seems to have given a solid result, first rains will tell though.

Believe it or not, all that only took the morning!

Earlier this week all the sleepers down the hill to curve 8 were inserted (98 sleepers), pads installed to about 2/3rds of the way down the hill (until we ran out, more due to arrive on Friday).

This afternoon was spent clipping up all those sleepers that had pads, leaving only about 50 to go to complete the tangent. Not a bad effort for a gang of 3.

Tomorrow will be onto the next tangent, removing fastenings and hopefully lifting the track ready for the beginning of insertion on Friday. Meeting Maldon 8am or Rifle Range Bridge from 8.30am.

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