The great wall of Castlemaine

It’s 2020 and we’ve hit the ground running.

The great wall of Castlemaine is now almost done! With a big effort today, securing the last of the rail and back filling, we now only have the top rail to be fitted.

By lunch time we’d fastened all the rails and began the filling (including the danger tape for the electricity).

It ended up looking pretty snazzy.

We even spent a good 10 minutes deciding how the top rail should be installed.

We will use old point rodding, sitting on an angle over the foot of the uprights. After much discussion and deliberation, all 4 of us decided this looked very neat and tidy and will leave a finished product with no sharp edges.

Thursday / Friday will be installing a mix of concrete and timber sleepers near Maclise St Crossing, where the old timber is starting to fail. Meeting Maldon 8am or site from 8.45am.

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