New turnout

Well today was the day. The new turnout went in.

First up was pulling up the old track and scraping away ballast ready for the move.

A lot of fine movements and measuring were required to locate the turnout and the approach roads exactly.

The turnout has even been clipped to the correct location, as it will be some time before the straight leg comes into use. It looks very smart.

With the trusty truck being the first beast over the new turnout.

After getting the turnout exactly right, we moved our attention to slewing the existing track.

It took quite a bit of running back and forward to achieve the amount of movement required.

Part way through the track looked terrible! Thankfully it’s all very flexible.

The track has actually been slewed completely off it’s old road bed onto the prepared ground.

With a nice set of reverse curves installed to allow access onto the turntable.

The job’s not finished yet, with the final rails still to be bolted up, ballast to be applied and lots and lots of lifting and tamping to do, we’ll be busy tomorrow, any extra hands very welcome.

This marks a big step forward in the Castlemaine project as it now allows all trenching to be finished and shed construction is now unimpeded by obstacles.

This weeks Civil Saturday will again be at Castlemaine, meeting A box from 8.30am.

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