Muckleford Creek Bridge

It’s been a few days worth of work, but today saw that culminate in a very straight and very level track over the notoriously wiggly Muckleford Creek Bridge.

Some sections were straightened with brute force (the digger) while others were cross bored to correct slight gauge defects.

A lot of lifting and tamping across the bridge was also undertaken, removing the last of the dips due to decking holes that have now been plated.

Once we’d decided we had achieved an excellent job over the bridge, we turned our attention to the rough curve at the UP end of the bridge.

Lots of tweaking, with parts of the curve moved up to a 300mm to make it aline nicely with the bridge.

We even ran out enough ballast to fill all the voids over the bridge and re-establish a ballast shoulder where the curve was moved. The end result is a very nice looking piece of track.

Tomorrow will be a few odd jobs around the railway depending on the rain, meeting Maldon at 8am.

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