A big day of preparation, with 74 concrete sleepers inserted into tangent 11-12, tamped up and ready for clipping on Thursday.

Despite a bit of a slow start, we had inserted all 74 by lunch, with the tamping completed shortly after.

We had hoped to run a sleeper train this afternoon, but a Y class undergoing repairs made it a little difficult.

However as we only needed 24 more sleepers to complete up to Farmer’s Bridge, the digger did a few runs back and forth to Muckleford bringing out the required number.

The reason for the slow start was the delivery of our point timbers! A very full B double load needed unloading first thing.

Half of these are for Castlemaine Yard, as part of the big works, with the other half for Maldon to replace 2 very tired turnouts.

We’ll be out in force again on Thursday and Friday finishing off the concrete sleepers. Meeting at Maldon 8am.

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