First off we tied up the 5 sleepers removed yesterday, before deciding to also replaced a further 2. A nice simple job that now leaves our ‘needs attention very soon’ list very very short indeed, a nice feeling.

So the afternoon’s attentions were turned to breaking up the old 60lb rail into drag-able lengths for stockpiling. This kept our small gang and prison helpers nicely busy.

We only focused on Curves 18 & 19 as these were where the 60lb was closest to the track and doing a great job of blocking the side drains. We’ve stockpiled it in various logical locations for future breaking up.

Next week is looking potentially wet, however we’ll believe that when we see it. Early next week will see more concrete sleepers distributed and if all goes to plan we’ll make a start on putting those into Curve 11. The re-railing likely to now occur the week after.

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