Curve 8 and more

The rest of curve 8 received the 1 in 3 concrete sleeper treatment today. This leaves only one long curve (11) on the whole railway which hasn’t been either re-railed or re-inforced with concrete sleepers.

Nothing too exciting, no new methods or techniques, however we are certainly perfecting our ways as all 42 were installed and clipped up before lunch.

We’ve decided the shovel measure works, so we’ll run with that from now (maybe a slightly reinforced version as some panel beating was required!).

We managed to squeeze in enough preparation on Tuesday to actually insert 10 sleepers and tamp them up, to keep the gang busy first off today. The Tuesday preparation is the make or break of a successful Thursday/Friday.

Our success was so great we even completed the same treatment between curves 9 and 10 where only 18 sleepers were needed. Unfortunately Tuesday’s preparation didn’t extend to here so this was a little more time consuming (the sleepers were still stacked and the screws not removed).

We even completed all the tamping at both locations, done under Rolf’s watchful eye. Tomorrow afternoon will see some ballast scraping to tidy up and if we get time we’ll bundle the sleepers too.

Tomorrow morning will be in Castlemaine Yard tending to various bits and pieces.

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