Tidy up

Over the past few weeks we’ve started very seriously sorting our stockpiles of material. Today saw the job almost completed around Maldon.

We’ve even had a large area cleared just for our storage, nicely out of view. Best of all we’ve taken the opportunity to sort, dispose of the rubbish and organise the rest to make life much easier.

We’ve laid out the materials so all items can be easily seen, collected by hand or minimal moving to get to with the digger.

After lunch we sent Rolf out looking for any signs of storm damage, of which none were found thankfully, while the rest of us distributed the remaining pallet of sleeper plates near Bendigo Road.

This month is Bridge month, with pile replacements planned at Muckleford Creek next week, some exploration of a settling pile at Rifle Range the week after and further work at Muckleford the weeks after that, any extra help would be appreciated as we will have works going on ever day.

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