From one massive job to another!

No rest for the wicked… Or maybe it’s just that we can’t help ourself.

Re-railing was today’s new task, the rail dropped out recently near Bendigo Road Crossing.

Things unfortunately were a bit slower and less organised than usual, as we normally set aside a few more days of preparation, but as we finished the Castlemaine job well ahead of schedule it was the logical next task.

The start of the 60lb coming out and the 80lb starting to go in.

The digger was brought in from Castlemaine this morning, which slowed down the morning a little, but overall we achieved an enormous amount.

Normally we run the digger along side to avoid the risks of punctures and prevent running over the removed jewellery etc… But with the cutting and heavy growth that wasn’t an option, so along the road base we went.

Often in the prep we remove joint spikes that the machines can’t get, but that happened as we went today. Rolf and Alf had that pleasure.

And I’m typical Victorian weather… We were sweltering one minute and absolutely soaked the next! But we all just look at each other and thought what a relief after the past few days.

By the close of play we’d installed 27 80lb rails spiked 1 in 3, steel sleepers clipped up and everything tamped, a pretty good effort once again.

It’s only a small part of this long straight but it’s a significant step towards our goal of having it completed this year.

We’ll be back tomorrow (yes Saturday) to complete the spiking and cut in the closure to the remaining 60lb. Meeting 7.30 at Maldon or 8 from site. Expected finish just after lunch.

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