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By lunchtime today, the last concrete sleeper had been clipped up! Which takes us to around 165 replaced this week.

We thought the last two days were hot, but today was just something else, searing hot sun teaming down with no breeze. But despite all that and discovering we can as a group go through about 50l of drinking water, we got an enormous amount done.

This afternoon saw all the larger lumps of old sleepers removed and either loaded onto wagons or piled up out the way.

Tomorrow should just about see the job done with only a few bolts to tighten, the small wood scraps to pick up, ballast scraping and regulating and tamping. It’ll take all day but should be achieved, especially seeing the weather will be much cooler (only 38!).

An absolutely stunning effort and a massive thank you to all who helped. It really has been above and beyond the call the past few days.

For anyone joining us tomorrow, please meet at Castlemaine carriage shed from 7.00 am rather than going to Maldon.

One thought on “And more

  1. Wow!!! Congrats and here i was feeling comfy – not really packing furniture boxes but an amazing job given weather. Looking forward to being part of the team next week. Bruce T


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