Concrete Sleepers

After a well deserved summer break the civil gang is back. We had planned on re-railing this week but with the ridiculously hot weather we chose a much more appropriate task.

Another 41 concrete sleepers were installed into curve 10. It was all done in the usual fashion, with one exception. A tamp of the sleepers was undertaken prior to clipping up, which greatly improved things. Normally with large gangs we’re actually looking for jobs for people, so a few extras on bars in helpful, but for today’s crew of 6 the tamping up was a life saver.

It couldn’t be said we were really in the shade today, but it wasn’t as bad as being in the full sun.

We’ve got the operation quite slick now, with all 41 sleepers installed by around 3pm, very good going for a hot day.

The small gang clinging to any shade available, we even had Wes, a visitor all the way from Queensland!

With tomorrow’s extreme weather warning for heat and fire danger, we won’t be doing any new works. We’ll be on site from 6.30am for ballast regulating and tamping, hopefully off site by morning tea. You’re welcome to join but please don’t make the trip if travelling a long way.

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