Curve 10

More concrete sleepers today, this time in curve 10.

As per our most recent efforts in curve 9 they were installed into 60lb track, however this time it was hot!

So hot that we had John on water duty, here with Will greatfully quenching his thirst.

Normally the screws come out relatively easily, however today seemed to be an exception, with brute force required on a few. Here Rolf leans on the breaker bar to loosen a stubborn screw.

As per last time a 50mm lift across the job was undertaken once unfastened.

No action shots but we did test out the sleeper extractor today, it was very successful until the hydraulic filter on the power pack developed a bad leak. No doubt this will feature again soon as it will certainly allow for a much more production run operation, instead of shuffling the excavator on and off track as often.

Once the extractor had failed the digger was called upon to do the honours of sleeper removal.

The clipping up crew, now well practised, managed to get all 40 clipped up in very good time considering the rather harsh and uncomfortable weather.

Some ballast scraping and a quick tamp of the new sleeper saw the job almost finished. Another scrape of the rock tomorrow will tidy it up nicely.

We’ll be out again tomorrow, however given the forecast is for hotter again, about 37deg C, we will only be installing 20 sleepers and tidying up today’s work. We don’t expect to be out late tomorrow, with the weather likely to convince us we need an early Friday for once. So please feel free to join us for the morning, Maldon from 8am or site from 8.30am.

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