Works Train

This week is seeing lots of Train activity, with extra services running for the Seniors Festival. We chose to piggy back onto one of these trains to drop out sleepers and rails for Donkey Farm Track.

We only need to run our train out from Muckleford so we used the morning train to bring the Y class down for us.

Here Pete (The train Guard) prepares to send the train on its way after we’d cut off the Diesel.

The train headed off to Castlemaine giving us an 1.5 hour window to get our train out to site, unload the materials and return to Muckleford.

We didn’t manage to get any action shots of the unloading, but the resulting piles (all done using the excavator) can been seen here. The rails needed for the crossing were laid out beside the track, to leave the crossing clear the road traffic until we close it to do the works.

Our works train was made up of the same consist we used on Friday, not because we need it all but rather it was quicker and easier to bring the lot!

The rails needed to join up the crossing to the recently completed section are seen here.

Our timing was perfect and we even fitted in a bite for lunch before the train returned from Castlemaine.

With fingers crossed and some good luck we should have the bulk of the works completed this Thursday, with Friday available to finish off and tidy up.

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