More Bendigo

After today’s efforts the track at the north end of the job is largely complete, with some minor levelling of rock required to finish off.

The track from yesterday now fastened down with crush rock applied, ready to be lifted to the required hight.

The same piece lifted and tamped to the required hight. The rail lying across the track in the foreground was our datum to start the incline up to the shed, which now has a floor much higher than in the Victorian Railway days. From here to the next small shed will be level with the surrounds for vehicle access.

We even dug out our temporary crossing and have the timbers laid out for the rail. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow we will have this section done, with the concreters due to place a cap over this whole section later in the week.

There’s still plenty to do, so please feel free to come and help for a day. Contact Will via email at

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