Curve 16

Well as promised curve 16 was our victim today!

With a reduced gang and trialling a few new techniques we have only attempted 21 lengths rather than our usual 26, but actually we have done extremely well.

By laying the rails in the 5 foot we were able to speed up the removal of the old 60lb, which is often a hindrance. We also pre-tamped all sleepers, which greatly reduced the need to bar up the sleepers for drilling.

By the close of business we’d removed all the 60lb and rolled all 21 lengths of 80lb into place. We even managed to get all 21 lengths fastened down on every third sleeper and around 6 lengths completely spiked down.

These pics shown Clive on the drill and Rolf on the gauger, setting the gauge and drilling holes for spikes. This setup although slightly slower than the old manual method, is overall greatly quicker as it isn’t hard work and you can keep up a consistent pace all day.

As always a few of the gang and our trusty truck.

After tomorrow’s crew finish fasten down and join up to the old 60lb at the end of the curve, we will have completed all the curves on the Maldon to Muckleford section!

With the straights from here towards Muckleford the next in our sights.

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