Muckleford Creek Bridge

Today saw the removal of pile 2L from the bridge. It was the next in line for replacement, with the new pile going in tomorrow.

Here the digger is digging out around the pile, to allow removal and determine the condition of the sill below the base of the pile.

One job that was required before the pile removal was adjusting the cross head position (the timbers running across the top of the piles) as for some reason these particular cross heads were slightly off set, rather than centred. We again used our mighty machine to do the heavy work, after we’d jacked the weight of the deck.

Once we’d moved the cross heads, a bit of beam straightening was also needed, some gentle pushing and pulling with the bucket sorted that out very easily.

Ian and Norm preparing the tongues on the new pile.

Using the grab to remove the old pile, we found after removing the pile the sill (timber raft that the pile sits on) was in remarkably good condition and did not require replacement, likely replaced only some 25 years ago.

We also drilled and bolted up the opposite pile, needing all new bolt holes after the cross head movement.

A surprise guest vehicle even joined the gang today! Ian’s Dodge, being run in after recent engine works, made the trip down from Bendigo.

No pics unfortunately, however we also had another gang working on breaking up the strings of 60lb rail, on the station side of the bridge. This allows us to remove the old rail for storage, making grass slashing and sleeper replacements much easier.

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