Curve 16

The gentle Autumn Weather is certainly making the re-railing gang very productive. Even despite being down the excavator while in for repairs.

Starting out the day with a glorious sunrise, our fleet of trucks seen here awaiting departure from Maldon for the worksite.

Around midday we’d unspiked all the 60lb rail required and were very well under way with getting the 80 in!

Running a bit quicker than usual, thanks to a few extra hands and a lot of practise.

But also because of these sensational machines, our modified hydraulic gauger, now with hammer holder and quicker movement as well as the tuned up spike driver and power pack.

Volunteer numbers were quite high today, as can be seen by the lunch crowd.

By the afternoon all the 80lb was in place, all 26 lengths, around half was spiked 1 in 3 to hold gauge, with all sleeper plates, fishplates and bolts installed.

At the end of another hard but very rewarding day the gang very rightly admires their hard work.

Tomorrow is lots of drilling and spiking and were looking a bit light for volunteers so please if you’re free join us.

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