Past Week

It’s been a little quieter in the civil branch in the past week.

We’ve still be completing some very necessary and important maintenance however.

Early in the week was lots of maintenance and preparation for upcoming works was completed.

Thursday’s Gang undertook the rather boring and repetitive job of bolt tightening. This was done between Sawmill Road and Boundary Track. While out there the opportunity was taken to tamp up our worst mud holes (currently very dry and hard!) to give better sleeper support and quality of ride.

A bit of boxing up and regulating was also achieved, all with the excavator, removing the need for the back breaking shovel and fork work.

Friday’s small gang worked on replacing the timber edging above the pedestrian subway in Castlemaine. It is not a structural component, simply a ‘Kerb’ to keep the Ballast on the track and out of the subway.

The old timber was really only essence of wood, likely installed back in the 50’s or 60’s going by the fasting used and the fact that they were concreted into the surrounding structure! It was an interesting job, very different that track or bridge work. Just another of the many things our Civil Gang get up to.

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