Bridge Piles

Today the gang thought 38 degrees was still too cool to call off heavy work, however we did remain in the confines of Maldon.

Not only does the gang do the track work, we also look after the bridges.

Today was removing old bracing and very tight and seized bolts from some bridge piles recovered some years ago from near Shepparton.

And we’ve found yet another use for our grab! An obvious one given it is really marketed as a log grab!

We started off by knocking the old bolts out with happens and drifts, but pretty quickly wised up to using the hydraulic spike puller to remove the very corroded and bent bolts.

All of these piles will eventually find a home in Muckleford Creek Bridge. The first of which will be Wednesday, Thursday & Friday next week, so please come along and try your hand at some bridge work!

Pics courtesy of Bruce.

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