Unfortunately the technical hitch which is preventing photos uploading is still occurring, however work on the track has not be interrupted by this issue.

We’ve had an eventful few days, with a minor derailment in Castlemaine Yard last week taking up some of our time, all dealt with now, with everything once again back where it should be and in working order.

This distracted us from our rerailing efforts a little, however while in Castlemaine Yard we’ve also undertaken to attend to a number of minor jobs we’d be putting off until we found time, mainly related to levelling and tamping track.

Much of our work over the past 5 years there has settled a little, which was very much expected, so minor tweaks were undertaken in various locations around the Yard to set it right, also greatly improving the appearance.

Thursday’s gang will be back to re-railing, albeit undertaking preparations, as the diggers are required elsewhere. Meeting at Maldon at 8am or out by Boundary Trk from 8.30am.