Curve 10

We didn’t necessarily set out to do an enormous amount of rerailing today, however, we’re now only two rails short of finishing the high leg of Curve 10.

We started the day by removing the last of the screws, which took a while, before deciding that we had a large enough gang, 6 of us today, to tackle a good bit of rerailing.

This was much quicker going the previous little bit, as there wasn’t the excess of ballast here.

We ended up putting in 6 lengths of rail today, a length of 247m, which was about 3 lengths more than we initially planned, however it was comfortably completed by 2, as we had a few who had to be on the road by then.

This week has been quite successful, with 577m of rerailing completed, which is also the current monthly total. Hopefully we can beat last month’s total which was 2949m!

Next week, on Tuesday, we’ll be meeting at Maldon at 8am or Curve 10 from 8.30am. Hopefully with enough hands, we can make a excellent start on getting curve 10 completed.

Tangent 10-11

We’ve now completed tangent 10-11, with the remaining 5 lengths installed today.

Only a small crew of 4 today, so an excellent effort.

We’ve now got the bolting up down to a fine art, using the digger to perfectly align the rails and ensure everything goes together by hand.

Only one joint required triming to work in with the concrete sleepers, so that saved some time. We had the 5 lengths in and clipped up just on lunch time, a total of 205m of rerailing.

We had to juggle a bit of rail to get a neat closure unfortunately, which is only about the 2nd time in the past two months we’ve had to do so, just luck more than anything regarding where the joints fall, as although they’re nominally unit lengths, in reality it’s not quite the case.

The afternoon was spent removing screws and anchors from the high leg of Curve 10, we’re well over half way through that, so if we get a few people tomorrow and the weather holds out, we might even get a decent bit of rerailing completed.

Tomorrow we’ll meet on site from 8.15am, it’s now easiest to come in from Sawmill Road and under the bridge.


A bit more progress on tangent 10-11 was made today, with the UP leg now completed and just into the curve. Leaving only 5 lengths to be installed into the Down leg on Thursday.

The afternoon was spent preparing as much as possible to speed things up on Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday we’ll meet at Maldon at 7.45am or on Site from 8.15am. We should comfortably complete the straight and once that’s behind us, we’ll jump back to the UP leg and begin working around the curve.


Only another 80m of rerailing in tangent 10-11 today, but a good amount of preparation for next week was also achieved.

We also cut in the closure rails for both legs and fastened them up.

And most importantly we undertook some precision trolley straightening, using the delicate tool that is the excavator. From time to time we do bend things accidentally, thankfully we’re quite adept at unbending them.

We’ve pulled the remainder of the spikes in the UP leg which will save us some time next week.

By day’s end the remaining section of the tangent seems quite manageable and hopefully by mid next week that’ll be done so we can focus of getting Curve 10 underway.

On Tuesday we’ll be meeting at Maldon at 8am or out on site from 8.30am.