Rail Recovery

We are starting to make good progress with this project, despite the lack of posts (keep forgetting to take photos!).

Our mighty ski jump works a treat, so we’ll definitely be using that idea again at the other crossings.

We’ve now moved all but 20 loose rails over Donkey Gully Road, out of about 100. The rain has slowed us down considerably, but we’re still chipping away at it.

Tomorrow, we will drag the last 20 rails up to Donkey Gully Rd. Well then get back into sledding, hopefully getting a good way towards Donkey Gully Rd so we can move it all across next week. Meeting Donkey Gully Rd from 8.15am.

Ski Jump

Well we hinted at devising a clever plan yesterday, today we started putting it into action.

It’s essentially ramp, the purpose of which we’ll be able to show on Monday.

But basically it’s to give much greater clearance under the digger as we drag the rails over the crossing. Hopefully it works as planned.

Next week will be all about dragging rails over Donkey Gully Road down to Fryers Rd. Meeting at Donkey Gully Rd from 8.15am.

Rail Recovery

Today was a big day of tidying up. Some might say making a bigger mess, but it’s a neccesary evil unfortunately.

We used Goudges to Godreys Lns as our trial patch, collecting all the fastenings and placing them near the crossings

The sleepers were plucked out of the roadbed with the grabs and placed to the side for later collection.

The roadbed was then roughly levelled using a trusty old steel sleeper in the grabs of the digger, acting much like a smudge bar, not perfect but certainly good enough to drive along now.

Tomorrow we’ll be beginning at Maldon, where we’ll be devising a clever plan to make dragging rails across the crossings easier. Meeting at Maldon from 7.30 or at Godreys Ln from 9am (ish).

Rail Recovery

We seem to be powering ahead with Rail Recovery.

We’ve now lifted and dragged all the rails on the Guildford side of Goudges Ln to between Donkey Gully Rd and Grudges Ln, it’s a lot of rail we’ve crammed into the 800ish metres, but Donkey Gully Rd marks half way, so we’re feeling pretty pleased.

We’ve begun the dreaded task of cleaning up the jewellery and sleepers… It’s not a fun or fast job but we’ll get there. Tomorrow we’ll be meeting at Goudges Ln from 8.15am.