Castlemaine Again!

Yesterday (12th April) we set to work to do more on finishing the three tracks from the turntable at Castlemaine to the new loco shed. ‘A’ Road (right hand track) is ready to be ballasted and tamped and ‘B’ Road (the centre track) was joined up as well.

The turnout is almost complete and Mal and John are getting ready to fit a closure rail between it and the track (B Road) from the shed.

We are now down to the fiddly bits of the job, cutting ‘closure rails’ to length, drilling holes, and fitting fishplates to join them together.

Clive drilling a point timber ready for screwing a base plate down.
and then driving dogspikes in. It’s the first 50 years of trackwork which are the hardest, and now he’s past that, he’s really getting into the swing of it!
In the meantime, Mal prepares concrete sleepers read to install rails on.

B Road needed about 7m of rails to join the turntable to the existing track and it’s laid on second-hand concrete sleepers.

The end of the day and the ‘almost finished’ product.

On Thursday we will finish fastening the rails, take some minor kinks out of the tracks, spread a lot of ballast and tamp the track ready for use.

Thursday 14th

Tomorrow we will be back at Castlemaine, finishing off the turnout and connecting tracks ready for a ballast train in the afternoon. Castlemaine at 8.00am. If you’d like to join us, please call or text John on 0427 352 416.

Next Week (Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd)

Once again at Castlemaine to add a little more track radiating from the turntable. Castlemaine both days at 8.00am. If you’d like to join us, please call or text John on 0427 352 416.

One thought on “Castlemaine Again!

  1. Looking forward to seeing your efforts the next time I’m in location, to get a better appreciation of all these works.
    The progress updates are most welcome, and I thank you for keeping us all appraised of these efforts in improved amenity and functionality in this area. This will certainly help with the railways efforts in providing services and having the required storage areas etc for safe keeping of your locomotives and rolling stock.
    A very well done for those in assisting this result.


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