Maclise St

No we haven’t gone back and dug up Maclise St, rather it’s a pic from back in October to offer a comparison. If you have a good look at the cross bucks, or diagonal Railway Crossing signs on the flashing light mast, you’ll notice they’re the right shape but quite devoid of any wording.

We had intended changing them as part of the crossing upgrade, but just never got around to it unfortunately.

But we did today and installed very legible cross bucks on both sides of the crossing. It’s not a particularly easy job, as the old mounting bolts had obviously not been off for decades, all were extremely rusted and stubborn. But it’s done now and does look much better.

The main focus of today’s activities however was installing this little box thing. It’s a track lead disconnection box, giving a convenient and secure location to join the cables the run under the roadway from the control box to the leads that connect to the track.

It ended up being quite a job too, with a big hole needing hand digging to expose the original conduits, then running new leads and conduit to make the extra distance. It all sounds simple enough but did take a while.

Once the gang had offered their services, they moved onto breaking up some more 60lb rail, this time just past Winters Flat Bridge. Using nothing but the new battery Rattle Gun and the battery grinder, with the consensus from the gang being that the petrol rattle guns should stay locked away at Maldon.

Check back tomorrow Afternoon for details of Thursday, but it’ll likely be an 8am start at Maldon.

One thought on “Maclise St

  1. I’ve been following this blog since September. I’m really impressed with the work that you guys are doing, particularly with such a small work force. You are doing great work. It’s also great that you’re updating this blog regularly. It’s probably not your highest priority but I certainly appreciate it.


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