More Sleepers

We had a very successful day today, with the last of the ‘clusters’ – groups of failed sleepers, between Muckleford and Midland Hwy now removed!

In fact it’s actually slightly better than that with this almost removing all clusters of failed sleepers the whole length of the line.

Any remaining clusters are so insignificant due to the high quality of surrounding sleepers that they can safely wait until the next sleeper cycle for correction (especially given how few trains are running). However given the majority of our sleepers are still timber and of a fair age, it’ll only be another 6 months before we have a few more to replace.

Today we installed 19 concrete sleepers today and replaced about 50 failed bolts, meaning this section of the track should hold together comfortably until we can re-rail.

Tomorrow will be a quiet day, tamping up today’s effort and moving machinery around in readiness to return to rail recovery from the Maryborough line in the coming weeks.

Tidying Up

The past couple of days have been at Castlemaine, tidying up the site and spreading more gravel inside the carriage shed.

The civil team has just about finished it’s works at Castlemine for a while now.

Tomorrow we’ll be replacing the last 16 sleepers between Muckleford and Castlemaine, meeting at Maldon at 8am.

Finishing off

Today saw us clip up the remainder of the concrete sleepers and replace any failed bolts over the same section.

It’s a good feeling knowing that every sleeper we put in will still be there in 50 years time, certainly makes the large job of track maintenance seem much more achieveable.

We’d finished out on site, including tamping up, by lunch. So the afternoon’s work site became Castlemaine. We have a few little things to tend to in Castlemaine and next weeks rain predictions make working near a shed seem pretty attractive.

One job we did knock over today was replacing the last 12 sleepers towards the new turnout with concrete. Mainly because 11 of the 12 were failing and it is evident they we becoming buried or likely to in the future, so while we were all geared up we knocked it over.

Next Tuesday we’ll be in Castlemaine all day, doing some site tidy up and gravel spreading in the shed. Meeting at Castlemaine from 8.30am.

More Sleepers

Well another successful day… No photos because we forgot!

72 concrete sleepers were inserted today, with the majority of those clipped up and boxed up ready for a tamp.

Tomorrow will see us meeting at Sawmill Road at 8.30am, clipping up the remainder and tending to a few bolts before we move into Castlemaine to tick off a few outstanding little jobs.