The end!

Today saw us complete our 1 in 3 resleepering project from Muckleford to Midland Hwy.

It was all fairly standard, however we have actually used full profile concretes here, as at the time of dropping out they were all we had left.

To compensate for the extra thickness we lifted the track higher in the lifting pass and just to make sure they would fit we got Mal to polish them up!

Just after lunch time the 100th was in and clipped up! Essentially completing this project.

The extra lift has left us a bit light on for ballast here, so before trains resume we will do a ballast drop.

A few 80lb rails left over from when the curve was re-railed were dragged down towards the bridge ready for insertion at some future date. While the old 94lb from Midland Hwy prior to rebuilding was moved to assess it’s condition for reuse in a yard or disposal.

Overall the job and the project as a whole has completely changed our little railway into a significant and lasting peice of infrastructure! It’s happened in an amazingly short time, less than 2 years.

Tomorrow we’ll be working on dropping out sleepers between Muckleford and Castlemaine where the remaining timber sleepers have failed. Meeting Maldon at 8am.

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