More Sleepers

Really just more of the same this week, but we’re getting very systemic at it now… That is until we broke the digger again.

Track-side Assist was called in to replace the one tiny ruptured hydraulic hose hidden within the depths of the rotating head, minor fault but totally crippling. We lost a few hours to this unfortunately, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

We were able to keep pulling spikes to help fill in the time however.

We’re working in curve 17, with the replacements generally few and far between, meaning we quickly cover a lot of ground, which was obvious when it came time to walk all the way back to smoko.

We were back on line by late morning, racing through the sleeper replacements thereafter.

We managed to insert 50 replacement timbers today, which all considered is excellent. They’re all drilled with spikes started on one side.

If we are able to get some extra hands tomorrow, there’s no reason we couldn’t race through the rest of this curve.

Meeting at Maldon 8am or site from 8.15am.


Today’s works train was about collecting all the remaining bundled timber sleepers from the Castlemaine section and transferring them to their homes along the Maldon Section.

Considering we can logistically only fit about 4 packs on a truck, a train is a very sensible way to move the 30 packs that needed moving.

We’ve still got about 200 sleepers yet to bundled up which weren’t collected, however will need all these and probably more to get through to Maldon.

The afternoon was spent marking those needing replacement and then distributing them alongside ready for more replacements next week.

We’ll be out near pipeline crossing on Tuesday, continuing onwards towards Maldon. Meeting 8am at Maldon.

More Sleepers

What started out a rainy humid day, became and even rainier and more humid day!

But we didn’t let that deter us too much.

While the digger made it’s way to site from Castlemaine, the crew started about removing the sleeper plates.

Once on site the 38 sleepers in this short straight were quickly changed over for their replacements.

There was also quite a bit of sleeper respacing required along here, which was done as the digger went along the job.

A badly sitting fishplate was taken off and replaced with a better fitting version, sometimes the more worn rails are best with less worn plates.

Lunch was held in vehicles, to avoid the rain. With John and Will making good use of the close proximity to ignore each other and look at their phones!

The spiking gun in action, nearing the end of the jobsite.

A good tamp followed.

With a scrape from the digger to restore some material around the sleepers seeing the job at a close. To call it ballast here would be a bit generous… But it’ll do until we can apply a good layer of rock.

Tomorrow will see us run a works train to run out more timber sleepers, to allow us to continue towards Maldon. Meeting Maldon 8am.