More Concrete

98 concrete sleepers were clipped up today, the 74 inserted Tuesday and 24 more from today.

We made use of our new petrol clipper, which the gang is getting very quick with now.

The last 24 sleepers were in just as the clipping up gang caught up. The perfect time to declare morning tea.

Our recent progress is an excellent indication that our aim of having 2000 concrete sleepers in our track by year’s end is quite realistic.

After clipping up the task was to bundle up and strap the reusable removed timber.

Some ballast scraping, a final tamp and some dip removal has left this section looking very smart.

Tomorrow will see 272 concrete sleepers dropped out for the next section. The train will leave Maldon around 8 and we’ll be out by Farmer’s Bridge from 8.30.


A big day of preparation, with 74 concrete sleepers inserted into tangent 11-12, tamped up and ready for clipping on Thursday.

Despite a bit of a slow start, we had inserted all 74 by lunch, with the tamping completed shortly after.

We had hoped to run a sleeper train this afternoon, but a Y class undergoing repairs made it a little difficult.

However as we only needed 24 more sleepers to complete up to Farmer’s Bridge, the digger did a few runs back and forth to Muckleford bringing out the required number.

The reason for the slow start was the delivery of our point timbers! A very full B double load needed unloading first thing.

Half of these are for Castlemaine Yard, as part of the big works, with the other half for Maldon to replace 2 very tired turnouts.

We’ll be out in force again on Thursday and Friday finishing off the concrete sleepers. Meeting at Maldon 8am.