5 siding Castlemaine

Well after today’s works 5 siding is looking a treat.

We’ve extended the run of 80lb out another 4 lengths to give some rolling stock storage, installed our slew track (yet to be slewed) and ballasted around the doorway ready for some quick tamping to fill a bit of a void.

But more of all we ended today with an exhausted, dirty but very proud gang!!

Next fortnight should see the transfer take place, after we’ve slewed and completed a few odd jobs.

Re-railing Prep

Today we distributed materials and stood up 80lb rails in readiness for next weeks re-railing.

Here the gang are distributing sleeper plates.

A quick view of the rails and materials ready for next week.

Don’t forget there is a work day at Castlemaine this Saturday – 9am at the big red shed Castlemaine, the more hands the better.