Muckleford Point Works

We’ve spent today plating the down end 1/2rd turnout at Muckleford.

Previously the rails were fastened directly to the sleepers, however with the number of trains we now run, we’ve been finding that the curve leg was starting to ‘work’ and the spikes loosen.

To remedy this we’ve used sleeper plates to provide much better lateral support for the rails and also to greatly improve the life of the timber.


With the down leg now behind us we spent today focusing on the up leg. (Between Woodlocks Ln and the Maldon Home signal)

This will now mean that Bendigo Rd to Maldon yard will all be 80lb.

Still some more spiking tomorrow to finish the job but an excellent day’s work.

More Re-railing

We’ve been back into the re-railing this week. This time the straight leading into Maldon. The down (south) leg was our victim this time.

A massive effort over the past two days to get this half of the project knocked over.

Hopefully we’ll be back into re-railing either next week or next fortnight.